Jul 30, 2009

Double Century

The annual Rudy Savich Double Century is on Sunday 2nd August this year! I have done it once and there is a certain excitement to riding on on Old37 and looking down to see 190miles on the clock! Details of this years route below- For more info contact Rudy at Rsavich@aol.com
I'm planning on doing two loops both starting from Bryan Park Pool. I had said 6:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the starting times, but I might leave early depending on how much light there is. I'm really really slow, it's going to take me forever. First loop is to Franklin via Low Gap, Downy, Bear Wallow, Mahallahasville Rd, Lick Creek, to Morgantown, then straight east out of Morgantown on old 252, (700S) from there, I have to look at the map again, but you go through Trafalgar, back roads to Franklin, then out of Franklin SE to the county line road down to Edinburg, over to Ninevah, through the BBC Cordry Sweetwater route to Salt Creek Road, but instead of going all the way to St. Rd. 46, we turn right at Gatesville and go to Bean Bloom and home the usual way (Southshore Dr., etc). It should be about 110 miles. Second loop is Joe Anderson's Clay City Almost a Century. It should be in one of the BBC map packets. I'm not planning on rounding up a lot of support vehicles, because I don't think most people usually feel like they need a SAG on a century ride. We're just doing two centuries in one day. Hope to see you. Rudy

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