Jul 21, 2009

Forest 10mile TT results 7-21-09

A somewhat mild yet muggy evening greeted a great turnout of riders this evening and the conditions seemed conductive to fast times as many riders set new personal bests. Fastest solo rider of the day was Fred Rose who took some significant time off of his PB with a 21.28. Riders throughout the list all improved their times with Evelyn Ewing taking a minute off of her best time showing that the rear disc certainly helps a little! Improbably there were 3 school buses on the course during the event and a least a couple of riders had to take evasive action to avoid getting squashed! Fastest on the day was the 3-up TT of Ryan Shanahan, Eric Hamilton and Ren-Jay Shei. However the time was 32seconds slower than Ryan managed solo a fortnight ago so he was clearly dragged down by the dead-weights on his wheel ;) Thanks to Valentin for timing.

Rider, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan, Eric Hamilton, Ren-jay Shei- 21.17
  2. Fred Rose- 21.28
  3. Adam Rodkey- 22.38
  4. Jonathan Atwell- 23.30
  5. Brandon Money- 23.39
  6. Chris Beck- 23.53
  7. John Herrel- 24.00
  8. Myron Lewis- 24.14
  9. Kaleb Naegeli- 24.23
  10. Adam Fryska- 24.42
  11. Sarah Sanders- 25.46
  12. Geraint Parry- 25.55
  13. Brian Drummy- 26.18
  14. Kirk Weesner- 26.21
  15. James McKenzie- 26.35
  16. Randi Cox- 26.50
  17. Dean Voyles- 27.06
  18. Evelyn Ewing- 27.19
  19. Marty McCrory and Lana (tandem)- 28.38
  20. Mandy Brothers- 29.47

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