Sep 4, 2012

WWCX Moving to Karst This Week

From Adam Rodkey:

We will be  riding the WWCX at Karst Farm Park  tomorrow (9/5). After a home game the tailgate field becomes a mine filed of broken glass, plus we have the Bloomingcross course mostly laid out and it needs ridden.

The course at Karst is (mostly) marked with paint, but we'll get started 6:30-7:00pm and make sure everyone knows the course, then get in some workout.

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Anonymous said...

It's going to be wet tonight. We want to get the course ridden, but don't want to get the park mad at us for tearing up the terrain.
A few of us will be out setting some flags and we will ride if it looks like we can without doing too much damage.
Pretty iffy. Sorry.