Sep 10, 2012

Little 500 sale

I am liquidating most my Little 500 related training equipment if you are interested in any of these items; email me at I can arrange for it to be delivered to Bloomington.
 In the case of the computerized Tacx trainers, I will deliver and instruct the buyer how to set up as well as use the equipment. While all of this is used, (except the Guercotti road bike and the sprockets), it has been expertly maintained. All prices are per unit.
  Item A 2 – Available $110.00 ea. Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel Indoor Bike Trainer Indoor bicycle trainer with fluid-filled technology system Weight of cyclist and bicycle combine to create resistance against roller Sturdy Crono frame folds up for easy transport and storage
  Item B 1 – Available $195.00 Elite RITMO Fluid Elastogel Indoor Bike Trainer Indoor bicycle trainer with fluid-filled technology system 500 watts of resistance at 40mph. Folding A-Frame design. Very heavy duty. Very easy one step spring loading/removal process.
  Item C 4 – Available $400.00 ea. Tacx Fortuis Indoor Bike Trainer The trainer is equipped with a powerful engine brake that simulates climbs and descents. When you are climbing you will experience almost the same resistanceas if you were outside and when you are descending you do not have to pedal,because the motor will drive your wheel.• Features a powerful wired motor brake with downhill drive using the innovative Powerback system;
• Catalyst training programs aimed at power, heart rate and gradient which you use to conduct professional fitness testing;
• Analyzer software to display training sessions you have carried out with charts and tables Catalyst training programs aimed at power, heart rate and gradient which you use to conduct professional fitness testing.This trainer requires a Windows computer to operate.

  Item C 3 – Available $400.00 ea. Tacx Fortius Indoor Bike Trainer Computer This computer is pre-configured for use with the Tacx Fortius trainer above. It features Windows XP, Dual Core Processor, 4gb of memory, enhanced video card. Tacx Training software 3.6 is installed along with at least 10 Tacx RLV video courses (which alone are worth over $500.00). You can also create GPS routes in MapMyRide and load them on to the computer and ride virtually in road in the world. From the Nashville 90, to Mount Ventoux.

  Item C 2 – Available $2,000.00 ea. Complete Tacx Fortius system for 2 riders Includes, 2 – Fortius trainers, 2- computers and a 47” Visio Flat Panel HDTV. The HDTV has a split-screen mode that allows for two computers to be displayed simultaneously. If you have the video of the 2011 Little 500, HDNet did a feature on this system. Feel free to email me for complete details of this item.

  Item D 3 – Available $50.00 to $80.00 ea. Tacx Fortuis Magnetic Trainer This is a basic mag trainer with a handlebar resistance control. It is a basic Entry level trainer. I have several models priced from $50.00 to $80.00
  Item E 2 – Available $135.00 ea. BlackBurn Fluid TrackStand Trainer This is probably the most common trainer used by successful Little 500 teams. Rugged, smooth, fluid technology.

  Item F 5 – Available $10.00 ea. Dimension Beveled 46T Front Sprocket (Chainring) Most popular replacement for the stock front sprocket that comes on a Schwinn Little 500 bike. The beveling provides superior strength making very hard to bend even in a wreck.
  Item F 1 – Available $1775.00 Guercotti Aurigo 54cm Italian Road Bike Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Frame, Campagnolo 10-sp Veloce Group, Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels, Deda Bar and Stem, Selle Italia Saddle, Deda Carbon Fiber Seatpost. 50/34 Compact gearing. This a superb road bike in I.U. colors. It was built for the 2010 Interbike Show in Las Vegas and has been in storage ever since. There is a very small dent in the seat tube that is shown in the photo. Pedals are not included.

Thanks for looking, Tom Schwoelger


Tom Schwoegler said...

The Blackburn trainers have been sold.

Anonymous said...

do they come with Wing-It logos?

Tom Schwoegler said...


Anonymous said...

doesn't IUSF have rights to "Little 5" and "Little 500"? how are you able to have an e-mail account without IUSF approval?

IP Lawyer said...

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

4. c. How to Demonstrate Your Rights to and Legitimate Interests in the Domain Name in Responding to a Complaint.

(iii)you are making a legitimate noncommercial or fair use of the domain name, without intent for commercial gain to misleadingly divert consumers or to tarnish the trademark or service mark at issue.

Anonymous said...

does that include using it to sell things? or does not not count as commercial gain?

Anonymous said...

It's his email address for God's sake. Is IUSF in the bicycle equipment business now?

If you want, get Jordan to sue Tom. Don't let this blatant misuse of the Internet go unpunished. I'm sure it will benefit you on race day,

but don't be surprised by Jordan's reaction, I can hear him laughing now.

Anonymous said...

better spend Jordan's time getting him to drug test those delts and snus

Anonymous said...

This is a blog, not god damn craigslist. Please stop tarnishing it with over priced shit from people who happen to live in Bloomington. Here is a link for you morons

Christ, this has sucked ever since GP went overseas.

P.S. Cutters suck

Anonymous said...

that's funny because Geraint is the one posting the sale stuff...

Tom Schwoegler said...

The Elite trainers (Items A & B) have been sold.

Anonymous said...

20% of profits go to BVN for listing fees

Elite vs tacx said...

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Aaron Wilson said...


Any parts left?