Aug 24, 2011

Vid of Crit Nats

It's Eric Young week here at BVN and this vid is of the last few laps of the Crit Champs (from Eric's Website).

Nicely ridden final lap by Bissell.
Can anyone offer insight into why Brad Huff got a little hot at the end. He seemed to be the one chopping Eric with 2 corners to go. I assume he was complaining in the tird person as he likes to do.. 'Brad Huff is not happy...'
Nice ride and maybe even better interview! Saying all the right things, very PRO!

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ybbond said...

Brad Huff called his move the 'blow by' -- he was jawing to one of the Bissell riders after the race --- looked like a classic intimidation chop -- and all it did was set him up as Eric's leadout bitch....