Aug 27, 2011

US Criterium Champion Celebration!

US Criterium Champion Celebration

by Aaron Pilling

Bloomington has always been a hotbed of American cycling. The Little 500, coupled with the accessibility to beautiful terrain from anywhere in town, has established Bloomington as a unique cycling community. As a consequence, Bloomington has also enjoyed a long legacy of talented and successful bike racers. Graduating in 1986, Little 500 produced 1992 Track Team Pursuit Olympian Jim Pollak. Around the same time, Ben Sharp was breaking in his Little 500 legs, preparing himself for eight National Champion titles in varying disciplines throughout the 90s.

More recently, Bloomington has produced a massive list of elite, national caliber bike racers, men and women alike. Pro riders Mike Sherer and Eric Young are both in the beginnings of successful pro careers. Perhaps equally as talented are elite locals Erik Hamilton, Ryan Knapp, and Jonathan Atwell. The talent in Bloomington is so deep that masters riders like Fred Rose and Ryan Shanahan are forces to respect and admire. While these riders, and all local cyclists bring diverse talents to the sport, they also share an inherent and communal love for Bloomington cycling.

Two weeks ago, we saw Eric Young firmly establish himself as a powerhouse in pro cycling. The Criterium National Championship is arguably the most prestigious one-day race in America. While his compelling Stars and Stripes victory and fast-track ascent to pro glory don't downplay the accomplishments of past and present Bloomington cyclists, it does underscore the talent that Bloomington engenders. Eric Young has made us all Citius, Altius, Fortius! And for this, we shall have a PARTY!!!

Come join us on Wednesday, August 31st to celebrate a National Champion! The party will be located in the upstairs room at the Scholars Inn restaurant, beginning at 8:30pm. All are welcome to attend and Eric will be there. Drink specials will include $3 beers and half priced martinis.

In as much as this is a celebration for Eric to honor his personal accomplishment, it is also a celebration for all Bloomington cyclists. In as much as Eric has made us all stronger cyclists, we have also collectively made him stronger. Come join us for a night of fun, celebration, and honor. Contact me for any questions, and I hope to see you there!!


alley fruit said...


Anonymous said...

I am sure I will take a lot of crap for this question, but I am curious why Eric got a chair and sat on the track prior to the start of last year's race. It appeared a bit pretentious.


rmsmallm said...

A dude's gotta sit somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Eric Young isn't Jesus. He didn't make the 10 commandments and wasn't born to set an example of absolute purity. I thought it was funny. When we saw Cutter's bring out Eric a chair the first thing I did was laugh and yelled at our student coach to bring Dick Stuart a chair (which he did). If a rider wants to rest his legs before a big event let him rest. What's pretentious about that? Maybe if he was sitting in a chair drinking a 7&7 and smoking a cigarette... that I'd probably call pretentious.


Todd said...

Check previous races. I believe Sasha Land started this trend for the Cutters first rider.

alleyfruit, do you recall?

Chris said...

I prefer pacing back and forth like I'm about to have have an anxiety attack.

Anonymous said...

predictions for 2012 race?

wing it

Anonymous said...

Todd, '06 was first chair.

Don't throw the handlebar at Beta


Todd said...

The chair must not be the secret because 2006 didn't workout so well.

But the handlebar was 2009 and Upal disappeared with Jesus and shouldn't be resurrected.