Aug 25, 2011


@KarstenKroon (BMC) tweeted these the other day from La Vuelta...
- The worst crash I've ever seen, going 70k/h I was in the wheel of @kaarvesen when a child ran on the road and he couldn't avoid him.
- I narrowly escaped and thought they were both dead. I was in shock, could not peddel anymore and started crying.
- I thought, so now the race stops or what? Incredibly, both Kurt and the kid are more or less ok. Thank god.

I did wonder what that looked like.... wonder no more...Ouch!


Miles said...

Dios mio... quick release--gone! Wish little niƱo would look both ways, and wish cats would look both ways too without darting out :( terrible ride ending today as i finished coming down a long and fast decent off of the escarpment. thump thump. just couldnt stop or swerve. thankful i didnt go over the bars but was close and wheel dented... very sad gp. i turned around hopeful that I could take him somewhere but he was gone for sure so I curled him under a tree with a note. poor kitty. feel awful.

'Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
Clean from my wheel? No, this my wheel will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red.'

Geraint Parry said...

Ouch. As a cat-lover this is tough to read! It's real-life out there kids and kitties!