Jun 28, 2010

Weekend racing

Some great racing in Cincinatti over the weekend both at Madeira where RJ Stuart won the cat4 race with some ease and Ryan Knapp continued his form of top ten finishes in big crits. Saturday in Hyde Park saw a bonkers crowd of 5000 make for a great atmosphere of racing and Eric Young took a sweet payday of over $650 with a prime and a 6th place finish. Erik Hamilton also hung tough in a wicked fast race for 14th.
Hamilton at Hyde Park by Caitlin Coar

Closer to home there was the MMSFRR on sunday and it seems there was a good turn out for it with some good local results. BVN wasn't in attendance so if anyone wishes to give some insight into what occurred then please feel free (or if there are any photos that folks wish to share then send them to me).


Todd said...

Patches got 5th in the 3s.

Lindsay said...

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Ryan Shanahan's humongous (like 5 minute gap) win in the MMSFRR 3's field.

Anonymous said...

Locals done good Sunday. Toumas was out sprinted at the end but took a solid second in the huge 4/5s race.

Anonymous said...

Richard Stuart got 1st in the 4/5's.

Frederick said...

Its worth noting that Aaron Pilling debuted in his first race of the season (and the first race in many years IIRC) with a second place sprint finish in the Category 3 road race.

Well done. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Pilling's sprint is shorter but comparable to Eric Youngs. His 15 second sprint is ridiculous.