Jun 8, 2010

Get Registered!

In the style of the recent Snake Alley Criterium both the big Crits in Cincinnati on June 25/26th and the Bloomington Criterium on July 10th will be lining up riders according to their time of registration.
Both Madeira Crit and the Hyde Park Crit have slow 180 turns that will wreck havoc on anyone caught at the back of the group.
Anyone who has raced the cat3/4 or 4/5 race at Bloomington knows that not being in the first few riders when turning from 7th onto Dunn can make things difficult to say the least!

Register here-
Hyde Park
The Madeira Course- notice the two 180s!

1 comment:

AH said...

Pre-reg, meh. I fully expect a call-up.