Jun 29, 2010

Hyde Park Bton homer

Some Bloomington homerism from yours truly as Eric Young takes a $200 prime in the Pro/1/2 race at Hyde Park.


Anonymous said...

How is it that a Pro is able to race Little 500 next year? 6th in an NRC race? Only complaining because I tried to recruit Leipheimer last year and IUSF told me it wasnt possible..

Anonymous said...

Hey "Anonymous",

Get a clue! Young isn't anything close to being a "pro".

Shut up and ride your bike!

(you whiner.)

Erik Hamilton said...

He is not a pro and that was not an NRC race! He is not even close to pro. However, I am glad to see you preparing excuses a solid 10 months in advance. HTFU.

Anonymous said...

Okay, well if he is allowed to ride then all cat 2's should be allowed to ride. You shouldn't be afraid of the competition right Young?

Pam what is this an intramural event for college students or a cat 2 sandbag fest? Sure he is perfectly within the rules, but that just goes to say the rules suck. The bottom line is take the cutters out of the picture and you have about 3 rows of teams that actually belong in the race. The rest of the teams become a hazard and have absolutely no business being there after 25 laps. I see nothing wrong with Young riding as long as all cat 2's ride. Why should it matter when you got your upgrade as long as you have put in the work? There is no reason a student should be deprived of a Little 5 experience because he or she has worked too hard as a cyclist.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for all Cat 2's that go to IU racing in Little 5 for at least 1 year. They shouldn't deny a freshman coming. in who has already been a cat 2 for a while not ride, or a Junior that never rode Little 5. ! year should be for everyone.


AH said...

To set the record straight, Young has not yet competed at L5 as a cat 2. So all you whiners shouldn't even be bitching yet. Unless of course, you're just pre-excusing yourselves as Hamilton said (which you are).

Anonymous said...

Not as a cat 2, but as the person said above...a sandbagger. Eric Young is the worst thing that has ever happened to the little 500. It's extremely sad when your team gets booed for winning. Nough said.

Todd said...

So poor sportsmanship and jealousy of other teams is Eric's fault?

Here's a quick story of hard work:

For those that don't know, the Cutters come to my place for their Christmas training trip every year. Three years ago Eric Young was a freshman sitting in my kitchen wearing track and field gear, completely clueless about bike racing as he had started riding about a month earlier and was such a rookie that I merely knew him as Hazel because that is what all the guys called him. He was just like any rookie in that he didn't have the legs to complete all the training and he had no idea what was going on. He spent a lot of time doing a puzzle on my kitchen table while the other guys were finishing longer rides.

Two things stood out though: 1) he was a great team player with an amazing attitude and 2) the other guys kept saying he's got nasty pop for someone who has never ridden.

Fast forward three months, I looked at ITT results and I saw Eric Young (Cutters) in third. I called either Fowler or Kirkham and said, "Who's Eric Young? Did they just enter Hamilton's name wrong?" They told me, no that's Hazel. I was shocked.

Fast forward one month, Eric Young (third in ITTs) did not make our final race squad. Not once did he complain, not once has he said, I could have three rings as a rider right now. He was student coach that day and every bit as excited for the team as if he had ridden. He gets it! He saw the big picture.

To me this tells you the type of person he is. He has subsequently taken this experience and worked his ass off to absolutely dominate this race. Of course he has absurd natural ability, but to punish him for that takes away from this race.

Stop your bitching and follow his example.

Anonymous said...

I think he's mistaken. He probably means that the Cutters winning every year is not good for anyone but the Cutters as winning is expected and happens like clock work. I can guarantee you that when Cutters finally don't win, everyone will gloat on how Cutters suck again. Problem is Patches is going to dominate when Eric graduates and has 2 strong teammates coming back with him. Good luck field! Maybe next year they will call Patches a sandbagger.


Frederick said...

For those dining on sour grapes I find this to be a very sad and unfortunate thread. Let's celebrate athletic achievement and excellence. Eric Young is a terrific rider. He is dedicated to the sport and through his commitment he his becoming still better by the month.

The best thing that could happen to Little 500 is to have a field of Eric Youngs.

You don't have to copy his style but all you aspiring Little 500 champions would do well to emulate his dedication.

Anonymous said...

Woj, dont ever address a comment to "the field", as you have no idea who you are talking to. Have some respect for those of us trying to reach our full athletic potential as well and do not group me with the few people on here that are sour. Use your head and think about how a message can be portrayed by several audiences before you write it on here.


Anonymous said...

Relax Bro. I am pumping up Patches by talking him up. Good luck field??? Does that hurt your feelings? The rest of the message had nothing to do with anyone but him. And excuse my "everyone" comment, I meant the usual haters on the discussion boards.