Jun 29, 2010

Forest TT- 6/29/10

Pleasantly cool day at the Forest but it was a relatively slow day. Ryan Shanahan resisted the Hamilton-attack but I think this will be a big battle for the rest of the year! Elsewhere there was a big improvement by Bob Costello. Next TT in two weeks on July 13th.

Name, Time

Ryan Shanahan, 21.06
Erik Hamilton, 21.12
Jordan Bailey, 22.32
Jonathan Atwell, 22.58
Jason Romain, 23.33
Chris Beck, 23.53
Eric Anderson, 24.44
Gary Palmer, 24.47
Ryan Preske, 24.52
Bob Costello, 25.07
Sarah Sanders, 25.08
Tom Saccone, 25.47
Chris Arvin, 25.58
Kirk Weesner, 26.00
Geraint Parry, 26.39
Todd Davison, 26.43
RJ Half, 26.45
Team Big Half Cox, 27.07
Lynn Allen, 28.05
Emily Palmer, 30.33
Lindsay Rodkey, 30.45


Colin Allen said...

And added to the master list at http://colinallen.dnsalias.org/cgi-bin/mmtt.cgi

Anonymous said...

Thanks to fred for timing.

Tom said...

Fred has always had great timing.