Jun 13, 2010

Big Result

Mike Sherer (temporary out of town but still a Bloomingtonite) had a big result this afternoon at the National Racing Calender Tour de Grove in STL winning the field sprint for 3rd place! Aside from winning a ton of cash it's a result that shows Sherer's sprint is developing into quite a weapon and that the Verizon U25 squad is working together very well! Aside from that Ryan Knapp notched another nice result with an 11th and Erik Hamilton got in the money with a 20th place. Results and media will follow shortly I am sure! Pam Loebig also continued her great recent form with a 7th place in the NRC Womens race!

Start of the rain, pretty small field for an NRC but some good quality!

Lots of Photos here.

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Kevin said...

Yeah, he was flying. It was great to watch. They had to move the podium pictures into a bar on the course because of a thunderstorm.