May 3, 2010


Results from the weekend-
Winona Road Race
Winona Crit
DINO Series Race 1.

Lots of positive results in there from Bloomington residents with arguably Andy Messer having the best ride to slay pernennial superstar Matt Battin. In the Pro/1/2 crit Ryan Knapp, Mike Sherer and Erik Hamilton got together again and lapped the field in a five man break. These guys have been in the same break in pretty much every race this year so lets hope they can find themselves in a similar situation when the competition heats up at the Joe Martin stage race next weekend
On the negative side was this wreck in the Cat1/2/ crit. I think I see Ryan Knapp surfing through the picture early on....


Anonymous said...

Young barely misses out on a wreck once again!

Anonymous said...

I was in that exact same wreck in the 3/4's. You would have thought the 1/2's would have learned from our wreck.


Anonymous said...

Young actually did go down, but it was more of a flop onto the sidewalk as he tried to avoid the carnage on the ground.