May 25, 2010

Racing farther afield

Indiana has a real lack of road racing this coming Memorial weekend so those people wanting to race in that arena will have a travel a little.
The major racing takes place over on the IA/ IL border where friday to monday racing brings out the regions best riders. None of these races have on-line registration so you'll have to eat to late fee. I guess the internet is only patchy in parts of Iowa.
Fri 28th- Burlington RR- Flat RR, not much more to say than that
Sat 29th- Snake Aley Crit, Burlington IA- Best crit you're likely to ever ride. Super hard but super fun, a block of cobbled climbing will do that for a race!
Sun 30th- Melon City Crit, Muscatine IA. Tough loop with a decent climb and a speed-bump to be taken at 40mph.
Mon 31st- Quad Cities Crit, Rock Island IL. Classic 8 corner crit with a big prize list.

For the older racer there are 3 crits in Wood-dale IL, just outside of Chicago.

On the dirt DRT Consulting are holding a race at the French Lick resort in preparation for the US Cup race that'll be happening later in the year. Apparently this is a sweet new-MTB-specific venue which is always nice to be seen developed.


Wes Harris said...

All those races in Iowa are classics and you should do them at least once in your career. It's a long drive but make a weekend out of it it's a blast.

Anonymous said...

Random, but here was a small little 500 reference in an ESPN article yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Jim Caple loves the Little 500 for some reason. he has written a few articles about it and has the Little 500 as one of the greatest sporting events in the country with the movie being in his top 25 all time sports movies. I assume he was an IU grad although I'm not sure.