Aug 28, 2012

MMSF TT #8 Results 08.28.2012

Despite the students returning, only 14 riders took part in the time trial today - those IU professors must be cracking the whip!  Jonathan Atwell laid down the best time for the night, with a blazing 23.19 Merckx time!  Still far off the Merckx record (22.06 by Erik Hamilton), but he's got the best Merckx time of the season by far.  On the Women's side, Sarah Sanders shattered the Women's Merckx record with a 26.18.  Looked like tonight was the night to go Merckx with only three riders riding TT set-ups.  Thanks to Shane "Meatballs" Slaven and Sarah Sanders for timing and also to Sydney Hatten for stopping and helping out with the timing.  Good work everyone and hopefully we'll get a great turnout for the final TT in two weeks!

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Johnathan Atwell 23.19 25.73 Merckx
2 Thomas Wimmer 23.41 25.33 Merckx
3 Shane Slaven 23.49 25.19 TT
4 Mark Powell 23.50 25.17 TT
5 Nick Torrence 24.02 24.97 Merckx
6 Cameron Johns 25.43 23.33 Merckx
7 Ian Boggs 26.15 22.86 TT
8 Sarah Sanders 26.18 22.81 Merckx
9 Erik Paavola 26.30 22.64 Merckx
10 Jeremy Levin 26.48 22.39 Merckx
11 Jacob Miller 26.52 22.33 Merckx
12 Tyler ? 27.19 21.96 Merckx
13 Mandy Brothers 27.47 21.60 Merckx
14 Dave T. ? 29.26 20.39 Merckx
 *note: either sweat, poor handwriting, or something else led to the last names of Tyler and Dave being un-readable, so if you know their last names, please let me know and I will correct the results!

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