Aug 22, 2012

IUSF Group Rides!

Great news - the IUSF group rides are starting again this week!  Last year there were some great turnouts, with some rides exceeding 60 riders!  All ability levels are welcome and there are multiple routes, so please feel free to join.  Loaner bikes are available from the IUSF Wilcox House, so even if you (or a friend) don't have a bike, come anyway and you can rent one.  Here's the message from Jordan Bailey, IUSF Assistant Director/Little 500 Race Coordinator:

"Starting this Friday, IUSF is hosting weekly Little 500 Group Rides leaving from the Wilcox House (1606 North Fee Lane) at 4:30 p.m. There will be a lot of riders turning out for the rides, which will be broken down into groups to fit just about every skill-level of rider. The rides are geared towards bringing the Little 500 community together for a chance to socialize, while offering a forum for new teams and riders to become acquainted with the Bloomington countryside.

This Friday, the longer option is the Forrest route (30 miles) and the shorter route will be Mel Curie (18 miles)."

Please contact Jordan Bailey (, (812)-855-1937) with any questions, or call/stop by the Wilcox House.


Anonymous said...

attendance > 100 riders

Anonymous said...

Is there a TT this evening?