Aug 14, 2012

MMSF TT #7 Results (08.14.2012)

We had 18 riders turn up for the TT tonight, however a flat tire prevented one rider from taking on the TT.  The weather was pretty much perfect, with cloudy skies protecting riders from the sun and mild temperatures in the 70s.  Surprisingly, there were several ties tonight - most notably a tie for the top spot between Lyle Feigenbaum and newcomer Mark Powell who just moved to town.  Both Lyle and Mark had huge PRs, dropping almost 40 seconds each off of their best times, so great job to both of them!  There was another tie for third between Chris Kroll and Alex Jerden, although Kroll was on a road bike (Merckx) and A. Jerden was on a TT set-up.  Chris Kroll's Merckx time of 23.55 is the new fastest Merckx time this season, so great job to Chris.  No surprises on the women's side with the Women's Course Record holder Sarah Sanders taking the top spot with a 25.21.  We had some other PRs as well, signalling perhaps better conditions than we've been having.  Congrats to all who came out and good luck to those competing in the USA Triathlon Age-Group National Championships this coming weekend! (from tonight's crowd, I believe that includes both Alex and Scott Jerden, Brittany Broyer, as well as Shane "Meatballs" Slaven).  Full TT results below:

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Lyle Feigenbaum 23.36 25.42 TT
1 Mark Powell 23.36 25.42 TT
3 Chris Kroll 23.55 25.09 Merckx
3 Alex Jerden 23.55 25.09 TT
5 Scott Jerden 24.05 24.91 TT
6 Shane Slaven 24.24 24.59 TT
7 Josh Kush 25.02 23.97 Merckx
8 Tom Chorny 25.21 23.67 Merckx
8 Sarah Sanders 25.21 23.67 TT
10 Jeff Buchsbaum 25.55 23.15 TT
11 Sue Aquila 26.34 22.58 TT
12 Loren Kruschke 27.07 22.13 Merckx
13 Erik Paavola 27.22 21.92 Merckx
14 Chris Bonham 27.45 21.62 TT
15 Travis Davies 27.49 21.57 Merckx
16 Brett Frommer 27.54 21.51 Merckx
17 Brittany Broyer 29.06 20.62 TT


Anonymous said...

Thanks for timing Ren-Jay. I will do the timing in two weeks if you want to ride. I have not done my turn yet this year. Shane

Anonymous said...

Shane times in a "how many beers he can down while you're out" format though. So if you go last, you may not get recorded. Whheeeeeewwww!

Anonymous said...

who won CX Wed Worlds?