Sep 27, 2011

$$$ needed for L-ville 2013

Losing this would be a little embarrassing. Any $10 donation will help I'm sure!


adamrodkey said...

I think this story is Euro-trash. 1) some Belgies came down and were upset they couldn't pre-ride the course for a race that is 16months away. It takes what, 1day to stake a course?
2) Sponsorship $$? Ever hear of Papa John? That guy has some deep pockets.
I'm not worried.

Anonymous said...

Here-say and rumors abound in cycling, it's not just a "Little 5 thing". It sounds like the true issue is T.V. coverage, which UCI needs to straighten out. At least according to the article from the link above. (pardon my lack web savviness at not posting a link, but I think you all can copy & paste).

Liz Cobb