Sep 7, 2011

Final Morgan-Monroe State Forest TT Times

Final MMSF TT Report from Sarah Sanders:

So we had a good showing for our final TT. Cool weather, but some wind action. Not too many PRs set but still some solid times. RCS had the fastest time for the night (21:00). Awards were given out to fastest male/female times for the evening: Jonathan Atwell (21:21--we skip over RCS on award night) and Lindsay Bruick with a PR of 26:45--which she debuted a a killer skin suit for the finale last night. Most improvement over the year went to Sarah Frederickson who dropped 2 minutes. The two top times gunning for guys' award didn't show so John Kinder walked away with the prize because he had dropped 1:23 this season. Then it was raffle galore! Soma, Laughing Planet, Village Deli, and Bloomington Bagel Company outdid themselves this year with the generous load of merchandise and gift cards. Much thanks to them once again for supporting our series!!!! Also, please put a major shout out for my lovely timing and raffle assistant Melena Kolovou Raglin.
Ryan Shanahan 21:00
Jonathan Atwell 21:21
Kevin Depasse (M) 23:11
Jason Romain 23:25
Steve Sharp (M) 23:42
Scott Jerden 24:01
Alex Jerden 24:11
Tom Cox (M) 24:37
Chris West (M) 25:01
Sam Herbison (M) 25:32
Tom Chorny (M) 25:37
Thomas Walsh (M) 25:40
Nick Torrence (M) 25:42
Eric Brodell (M) 25:42
Cameron Johns 26:08
"Doug" Sam Stanford (M) 26:44
Lindsay Bruick 26:45
John Kinder 27:03
Sarah Fredrickson (M) 27:17
Tatiana Kolovou 27:34
Brian Drummy (M) 27:34
David Shirley (M) 27:42
Nicole Richardson (M) 28:54
Amy Dickman (M) 29:21
Kate McDougal (M) 30:34

**** ALSO: someone left a set of keys (!) and their flat kit on the ledge of the forest sign. ryan picked them up and will take them to the bike shop for the owner to collect.****

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