Sep 26, 2011

Indy CX Weekend

The OVCX series rolled on this weekend with two races in Indianapolis. Saturday's race at Brookside Park featured a slightly slick "power course" with multiple road sections and three dismount points per lap: the famous old stone stairs, a fallen tree, and of course, the regular barrier section. The light rain that spit on and off throughout the day on Saturday started up in earnest in the evening and fell steadily through the day on Sunday. This turned what would have been a pretty flat and straightforward course at Fort Harrison State Park into an epic mudfest for the afternoon races.

The women dominated the weekend with Sarah Fredrickson taking the Cat 4 women's victory and Elizabeth Cobb winning not only the women's Cat 3, but the entire elite women's wave on Saturday. Sunday saw another Cat 4 win for Fredrickson, while Cobb hung on for the Cat 3 win but placed further back against some of the elite women with greater mud handling skills. Lindsay Rodkey benefitted from Sunday's muddy conditions, rounding out the women's Cat 4 podium and placing fifth in the wave.

Photo credit: Luther Prater

In the elite men's wave, Fred Rose and Adam Rodkey both saw improvements on Saturday, with Rose in fifth overall and Rodkey in eleventh. Fred was also the Elite Master's 45+ category winner.

Other Bloomingtonians who came out to play in the mud over the weekend included, but were not limited to Ashton Wischmeir, Ryan Preske, William Sorg, Corbin Baird, Aaron Knapp, Matt Kiel, and Ryan Kiel. As the Sunday results are not yet posted, please note any Bloomington CXers that may have been missed in the comments, so that we can keep up with them throughout the rest of the season.

Further afield this weekend, the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross kicked off at the Planet Bike Cup in Madison, WI. Andy Messer had a successful weekend in the Master's 35+ category, taking sixth place each day. Local/former local fast guys Ryan Knapp, Mike Sherer, and Isaac Neff all competed in the Men's Elite races, which featured several European pros, including former world champion Bart Wellens. Knapp held his ground against this stiff competition in Saturday's race, breaking into the top 20.

Up next in the region will be OVCX race #4 and #5, both taking place in Dayton, OH area on October 1 and 2.

Also, it's not too early to start planning for Bloomington's own OVCX race, DRT BloomingCross presented by Wagner Research. Registration is open, and in addition to the normal OVCX race program, BloomingCross will feature a Little 500 bike category with cash prizes for both men and women. If anyone has a small (<= 50 cm) Little 500 bike that they wouldn't mind loaning out on October 16, this writer will gladly provide some entertainment for the crowd by attempting to maintain forward momentum AND avoid collision for 30 minutes.

From GP- I added this to Lindsay's's taken from her blog and it's good fun so worth including here as well! Getting crazy on the barriers!


WIll Sorg said...

This was only my second CX race, but I am completely hooked. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the next two races because of work. Looking forward to BloomingCross!

rmsmallm said...

Aaron Baer, Chris Wood, and myself worked tirelessly during the men's elite race to ensure that the men were well "hydrated" and any that wanted a push up the hill were given a push.

Anonymous said...

so did hamilton lap fred again?