Mar 16, 2012


Seems quite quiet in Bton atm as people hunker down with their final preps for quals (just a week away btw). In lieu of that there is a pretty big race going on tomorrow in Italy and this is a nice preview of MSR with two guys who know the race. For the record I TOTALLY averaged 500W when I climbed the Poggio a few years ago! Sidenote: BVN welcomes the new arrival in the Sanders/Shanahan household, I hope this is still going in 18years when you destroy Little 5!


adamrodkey said...

Though half the field is out sick, this is going to be a great MSR.
The Shanahanders baby already has bigger calves than I do.

Anonymous said...

eric young is the favorite!

Anonymous said...

Great race. Gilbert was looking strong before he crashed. And Cancellara can't seem to get a win in a monument.