Nov 16, 2010

OVCX Domination

Big weekend for Bloomington at the OVCX race in Columbus last sunday. Results here but the Bloomington highlights-
Elite Men
1st- Ryan Knapp (Bikereg)
2nd- Erik Hamilton (Bikereg)

1st- Fred Rose (Bikereg)

Cat 3
1st- Matthew Kiel (Lily Gray Goat)
4th Ryan Kiel (Lily Gray Goat)

This coming weekend the OVCX goes all the way to Lexington but there are two localish races on saturday
Backyard Cross

Down the hill and to Grandmother's house we go! Cyclocross- Terra Haute


wes said...

Backyard Cross is a nice close venue I hope everyone that has the opportunity to attend does. The coarse is a mixture of technical and power/speed should be a lot of fun.

adamrodkey said...

Dave Mason's still at it!

Anonymous said...

ABR cross?

Homey don't roll that way.