Nov 14, 2010

IUCC Clothing Sale

IUCC want to gain some revenue for the upcoming road and track seasons by selling the old inventory. We have items from the past three designs with a variety of items available that are shown below. The LS jerseys from last year are fleece lined and could definitely be wore to race in the spring. Category A riders cannot wear these items in races (they have to where 2011 design) but all other categories can race in jerseys from any year. Anyone who wishes to buy an item need email me at and I will tell you how we’ll do it. I will also deal with people ordering from outside of Bloomington and will add estimated postage to your order. Please read the information below to avoid stupid questions.

All styles/designs have the same price.
SS Jersey- $25
LS Jersey- $35
Shorts- $25
Vest- $15
Indiana Cycling T-shirt- $5
Gloves- $5

What’s available-

T-shirts- LOTS
Gloves- LOTS

White design
SS Jersey- 9 XL, 11 XXL
Shorts (not bib)- 1 XS, 2 L, 5 XL

Dark Red design
LS Jersey- 2 S, 3M
Bibshorts- 2 XL
Vest- 3 XS, 4 S
Light Red Design
LS Jersey (fleece)- 12 M, 5 L
Vest- 1XS


Anonymous said...

Just as a heads-up- I have received over 50 emails in the past 12 hours and will work through them as fast as I can and will bring in kit to the University for people to pick up from my lab every few days. I'll contact you about it. I'll also try to update the list with that frequency. Therefore if you don't hear from me immediately there is still a chance I have the stuff but just haven't got to you yet. Thanks.


Wes said...

Thanks I'll be awaiting contact