Nov 24, 2010

Carbon fail

This didn't end well....
where you can also find this fantastic page of photos of classic bikes and pretty girls. Ideal!


Frederick said...

Not a big fan of carbon bars for a cx bike. I noticed that J-Po uses aluminum bars and stem and so asked him about that. His reply was practical. 'not worth compromising the reliability of bike and peace of mind just to save those last couple of grams'
...and he's a guy that relies on his bike for his dinner!
I'm gonna be trying out the new Zipp Service Course bars and stem soon. I hear good things about them. If they give carbon fiber weights with the price and reliability of aluminum that could be a real winner.

wes said...

Carbon has the issue of instantaneous catastrophic failure where as a metal of any alloy will have some malleability (bending) occur prior to total failure. Like Fred says better to haver what is controling you balance and bike be a material thats a little more resileint.