Jul 31, 2012

MMSF TT #6 Results 07.31.2012

Light rains and cooler temperatures tonight provided great conditions for the 17 riders who tackled the TT.  Taking the top spot and setting a new best time for the year was Jonathan Atwell who turned in a time of 21.06.  Fastest Merckx time was Thomas Walsh with a 24.56 while the lone female was Corinne Innes, coming in at 29.12 in her first TT.  Great job to everyone who came out and thanks to Carl Field for timing tonight.  Also, Carl left this message for everyone:

"someone left some stuff at the start/finish line at the TT thi9s afternoon -- a spare tube, one Park tire lever and a Crank Bros multi-tool in a ZipLoc bag. Give me a call at 812-369-0908, we'll make arrangements to get your stuff returned.

-Carl F"

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Jonathan Atwell 21.06 28.44 TT
2 Ren-Jay Shei 23.17 25.77 TT
3 Scott Jerden 23.40 25.35 TT
4 Alex Jerden 23.52 25.14 TT
5 Mark Powell 24.14 24.76 TT
6 Shane Slaven 24.16 24.73 TT
7 Matt Plunkett 24.38 24.36 TT
8 John Gleason 24.39 24.34 TT
9 Thomas Walsh 24.56 24.06 Merckx
10 Cameron Johns 25.45 23.30 Merckx
11 Wes Harris 26.13 22.89 Merckx
12 Jacob Miller 26.55 22.29 Merckx
13 Chris Clements 27.08 22.11 Merckx
14 Loren Kruschke 27.20 21.95 Merckx
15 Chris Bonham 27.35 21.75 TT
16 Erik Paavola 27.37 21.73 Merckx
17 Corinne Innes 29.12 20.55 Merckx


Wes said...

I was actually Merckx style

moocher velo said...

aero wheels ≠ merckx

also interesting that atwell has beaten shanny at every tt this year but still hasn't closed in on shanny's record. perhaps this is a phelps-lochte "the torch is passed" deal?

RJ said...

results amended, must've made a mistake transcribing timing sheet.

Wes- were you on aero wheels? I don't think Eddy Merckx had those...


Anonymous said...

Um Shanahan has only ridden it once this year...

Wes said...

No Eddy had amphetamines though. Yes I had my deep dish rims on so if that counts as TT then thats fine. I thought that it was refering to the bat set up.

Anonymous said...

who cares, it's not like a course record is on the line. just go out and try to beat your own time. or try to thump your buddies

Anonymous said...

Merckx also road faster than 22mph... Get better results before you bitch about them...

Anonymous said...

what's the women's merckx record? has sanders gone under 26 on a road bike?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Eddy Merckx had 2 X chromosomes either. Those women should all be listed as "TT."

Wes said...

I'm not "bitching" about my results I was just inquiring as to what the criteria was for TT bike vs Merckx.

Anonymous said...

everyone wearing a helmet should probably be "TT" too since Eddy probably never wore one

Anonymous said...

add in clipless pedals. none of those for Merckx