Jul 17, 2012

MMSF TT #5 Results (7/17/2012)

Rain and wet roads kept the turnout low tonight, but 15 riders came out tonight for the 5th time trial of the season.  Adam Rodkey took top honors tonight with a 23.00.  Sarah Sanders turned in a blazing 24.48 to take the top spot for women while setting a new best time for females.  Top Merckx time was 24.50 by Tomasz Golas.  Congrats to all who came out tonight in the rain.  See you all in two weeks!  Full results below.

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Adam Rodkey 23.00 26.09 TT
2 Alex Jerden 23.39 25.37 TT
3 Scott Jerden 23.42 25.32 TT
4 Bob Costello 24.21 24.64 TT
5 Shane Slaven 24.26 24.56 TT
6 Sarah Sanders 24.48 24.19 TT
7 Tomasz Golas 24.50 24.16 Merckx
8 Blayne Roeder 24.51 24.14 TT
9 Cameron Johns 25.42 23.35 SS TT
10 Caughlin/Metherd 26.54 22.30 Merckx TTT
11 Jeff Buchsbaum 27.09 22.10 TT
12 Chris Clements 27.12 22.06 Merckx
13 Erik Paavola 28.31 21.04 Merckx
14 Allison Kindig 28.31 21.04 TT


Anonymous said...

blazing ride by sarah sanders! is there an official women's course record? seems to me like there ought to be if there isn't already. looks like she stuck it to some men on TT set-ups too! way to go!

RJ said...

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the previous best women's time was set by Sarah Sanders in August 2010 at 24.57 (results from that night here: http://bloomingtonvelonews.blogspot.com/2010/08/forest-tt-081010.html), so I think Sarah's time last night of 24.48 is the new women's record. Nice job S.Sanders!


Anonymous said...

4 months post baby! STUD

Geraint Parry said...

I think Louise Turner went faster a few years ago, although I might be wrong....and she certainly hadn't just had a kid!