Dec 18, 2011

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse Applications Due December 31, 2011

Applications to race for the Scholars Inn Bakehouse are due Saturday, December 31st by 5 pm. Applications can be found at Click on TEAM INVITATIONS in the header, complete the application and email to or Or, mail to PO Box 8121 Bloomington, IN 47407. Dues are payable at or before the first team meeting on January 26th, 2012.

We currently have openings on the Men's Category 3,4 and 5 and Women's Category 2,3 and 4 squads.

Contact me with questions.

Tom Saccone


Anonymous said...

little 500... just had to get that in there.

- Ralph Nader

Anonymous said...

haha, nice one

Anonymous said...

how many little 500 riders does the bakehouse have on their team?

Anonymous said...

Little 500. Fred your thoughts?

-Terry Tights

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Frederick's "Rhetoric" is far too esoteric for us mere boors. He so disdains our "dysfunctional banter" that he must abstain from reading this blog any further. Alas, he cannot control his fervent desideratum for Bloomington VeloNews, thus we shall surely be graced with some "worthwhile" comment from him.

-Muck and Bovine Ding-Dong

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Ha, Muck, you hit the nail on the head!! Fred needs to stop being so darn pedantic!

adamrodkey said...

Heinz 57.