Dec 1, 2011

Fredrickson Named Zipp OVCX Athlete of the Week

Expect to see some Cincinnati and Louisville 'cross racers setting up tents in People's Park soon. While Bloomington may only provide about 3% of OVCX racers, it has produced 21% of this year's Zipp OVCX Athletes of the Week.

From the OVCX Facebook page:

Congratulations to's Sarah Fredrickson and Lionheart's Spencer Petrov, our Zipp OVCX Athletes-of-the-Week after Lexington!! It was the toughest race of the year, and this was the hardest call out of all the weeks of racing. So congrats Sarah and Spencer, and enjoy those Zipp 303's Sunday at Kings CX!


Frederick said...

Sweet! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!

Anonymous said...

will fowler get zipp to have a L5 athlete of the week too?

adamrodkey said...

Okay, I use Lindsay for all of my statistical queries, but how the crap did you come up w/ these %'s?

Lindsay said...

Average number of Bloomington residents at an OVCX race (not counting Bloomingcross) - generously estimated 10.

Divided by about 350 average participants per OVCX race - 2.85714285714286% (rounded up to 3%)

Number of Bloomington residents that have won OVCX Athlete of the Week - 3.

Divided by 14 total OVCX Athletes of the Week for 2011 - 21.42857142857143% (rounded down to 21%).

adamrodkey said...


Anonymous said...

that's crazy talk