Nov 23, 2011


Best/ worst/ certainly most fun race of the year is this Saturday! Yes the Gravel Grovel!
New start point this year but looking at the map the out-and-back crazy section to Story is still in play and looks like there might be the added interest of two-way traffic on the single-track section! Crash-tastic!
Still time to register so get over to the website for a cheaper entry! The price has gone up but this is turning into a proper event so well worth it!
So who will win? Difficult to set the odds from this distance and with an incomplete field but...

Knapp 10/1fav. Top CXer finally gets to ride!
Shanahan 11/1. Flatted out last year, looking for revenge!
Jacob 18/1- the wildcard, could lose years on the technical stuff but has the engine to make up for it.
Forbes 18/1. Good CX form and an MTB background
19/1 Hauber. Don't know him but TX Roadhouse usually don't have chump riders on the team.
Salla 20/1. Excellent MTBer and always fit.
Gavette 25/1. Been up there in the past
Fowler 30/1. Solid.
Chartier 40/1- Is he racing or drinking his way around the course?

Notice the long odds- it's a crap-shoot (even King Eric flatted twice last year!).
But really, I have no clue. Please inform us all in the comments...
Only 2 ladies? No-one on a L5-bike? Good..that's some crazy shit (Chris West)


Frederick said...

Geraint, where do you come up with this stuff sometimes? Looking at the start list, there are currently no "hefty hammers" for this type of event so its wide open. Assuming Knapp registers (flats not withstanding) he's the odds on favorite without a doubt. If Retlewski signs on, he'll be one to watch too. If Strock signs up, I'd look for him to be an outside shot at a podium. Shanahan, by dint of sheer manly willpower will place near the top (barring mechanical), however, 11/1 versus 10/1 odds? No. Knapp will best Ryan. No gray area.

Love JJ. If this was a game on the pavement I'd say he would likely add this race to his palmares, however, he has a real aversion to dirt and singletrack. I suspect he'll use this as training and nothing more (no disrespect Jonathan). Its a shame Atwell won't be here. He would liven up the front of the field nicely. As for me, I'm disappointed not to be able to race (have to mind the shop Saturday) so I expect RS to represent us well!!!


tictactoe said...

too bad sasha isn't riding, he would be unstoppable on this type of course. definitely most underrated little 5 rider of the current cutters era. of course, neff would crush them all too. just look at his iceman results

Geraint Parry said...

Fred, my memory fades into making errors. I remember Ryan K as a weedy road/CX rider whereas Ryan S as a burly TT-MAN who will crush all in front of him. Hence the closeness in odds ;)

Anonymous said...

+1 GP

Anonymous said...

Knapp wins hands down. He is the only one in top shape on pre-reg.

1 Knapp
2 Forbes
3 Gavette
4 JJ
5 whoever can suck wheel the best (probably someone from Delts)

Anonymous said...

gavette?? who is that? forbes? who's that?
1 Shanahan
2 Knapp
3 Jacobs
4 Young
5 Dick

Anonymous said...

This whole crowd looks suspicious. It's just dudes in here, except for these bitches.

Anonymous said...

1 Delts
2 Phi Delts
3 Cutters
4 Phi Psi

Chartier said...

Knapp crushed everyone. Shanahan was very solid in second as well.


Anonymous said...

just as predicted. full results anywhere?

RJ said...

great! glad to hear our Bloomington boys killed it!

Anonymous said...

Who books action on local bike races???