Oct 5, 2011

Wednesday CX Worlds

From Adam Rodkey:

For the 10/4 edition of BTCXP/WWCX a few of us will be going out to Karst Farm Park. We will try to be there at 6:30 or so, but may be a touch later. The course is not marked so we will be attempting to reconstruct it by memory. We will try to keep the arguing ("it went to the left of this tree, then the right of that root" / "no it went to the right of this tree, then the left of that root") to a minimum and the riding to a maximum.

If your unable to make it out, feel free to ride the tailgate fields. The grounds have been scouted and are reported to be largely ride-able after this weekend's home game.

Have fun.

1 comment:

adamrodkey said...

I think I'm going to bring lights w/ no real intent to use them, but just in case/you never know.