Oct 10, 2011

Aaron Pilling's Excellent Hilly Hundred Going Away Day of Celebration

Join us Saturday morning at 9:00 am for a ride leaving the downtown Scholars Inn Bakehouse and heading up to the Hilly course. Later that evening, we'll retreat to Aaron Pilling's at 7:30pm for a farewell celebration where the beverages will flow like the water in a cold, crisp Colorado stream.

All are welcome.

Aaron Pilling's house in at 3825 Regent's Circle, Bloomington, 47401.
It's a left off of E Moores Pike (just before Smith Rd) as you're heading East, then your first right. The house in on the left a few doors down.

Aarons email: adpilling@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...


Holy Cow

Anonymous said...

Is Aaron going to CO as well? What's up with this recent exodus of riders in B-town???

Anonymous said...

It's what Dr. Michelbourough calls "doing the Boulder thing."

alley fruit said...

Pilling will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Never mind 'riders' leaving, it's all Cutters leaving...Feldman, Young, Hamilton and now Pilling.

What happened to the days when the Cutters worked part-time at the Bakehouse and hung around outside the library? This break in their core values will surely cripple the program.....