Mar 12, 2010

This season they will mostly be wearing...

With the Midwest Road race season about to begin it's worth documenting which teams we need to look out for in 2010 who feature Bloomington talent-

Team Tortuga
- Gary Palmer and Tom Saccone will be looking for Masters 50+ glory at Nationals in Louisville.
Morris Trucking- not much word from Morris so far in 2010 but are always a breeding ground for young talent.

DRT racing pb Revolution B+B
- Don Galligher, Andy Messer, Zach Edwards and Katie Grigg amongst others will ride for this shop sponsored race squad.

Verizon Cycling Team- Cat1 Mike Sherer racing for this new Elite squad based out of Chicago

Panther pb Competitive Cyclist- Ryan Knapp features in this very strong Midwest team who'll be looking to make a national impact.

NUVO Cultural Trail- 'Cutters north' as Eric Hamilton, Eric Young and Clayton Feldman will join ex-cutters and Indy locals on a strong Midwest team.

Alderfer Bergen- Tom Cox and Ren-jay Shei continue on this Warsaw IN- based team led by recent IU grad and BKB coach Issac Neff. The Womens AB squad including Pam Loebig and Lauren Half looks to be one of the strongest in the Midwest.

Speedway Wheelmen- Adam Rodkey and Wes Harris represent this team from Indy.

Mission Berry Farms Cycling- Fred Rose leads this new Masters team for the road season.
MOB squad- Karim Abdelkader will find form in mid summer

Cycling and Fitness Warehouse- Rumor has it that ex-lead Tortugan Chris Kroll is getting back into competition with this team from Richmond IN and is joined by Kaleb Naegeli.

Wolverine Cycling Team
- New Cat 2 and up and coming talent Scott Catanzaro will be riding for his home town squad of tough Northerners!

Sorry if I missed anyone but be sure to flag up your team in the comments section...


Scott Catanzaro said...

Thanks for leaving me out Geraint. Got that much faith in me this year eh? haha

Geraint Parry said...

What do you mean? ;)

Anonymous said...

Alderfer Bergen's women's squad will be tearin' it up!

Anonymous said... Karim still a Cat 1...or has his attitude knocked him down a couple categories. Whatta Joke.

scott bond said...

Shany is racing for Wheelmen.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the potential Gray Goat summer team that is forming (Supposedly sponsored by Lily). If everything gets in order this year, it'll be a decent squad with some IU guys (Kiel bros, Trogdon and West to speak of right now).

Anonymous said...

anyone have results from todays races?

Kaleb said...

Brant Powell and Chris Hill will be racing for Cycling and Fitness Warehouse, giving it even more Bloomington representation.

Anonymous said...

you left out the incredible rap sensation/ hobby cyclist the rhyme tailor and his team of b-boys prochain cycling?