Mar 17, 2010


The brutal Brown County State Park RR takes place a little earlier than usual this coming sunday. It'll be a rude awakening for legs that haven't yet raced this year as it's basically a 5mile circuit with 1.5mile of steep up, 2 miles of flat and 1.5mile of screaming descent! However it is the close to home so I encourage you to get out and race. Online entries are open until friday night where you can save $10.


Erik Hamilton said...

Just a heads up.. the promoter has no idea what is going on. He came looking for sponsorship and volunteers today. 3 days before the race!! I think it is an awesome race and I hope it goes well, but it sounds as if there are not going to be enough people to ensure the safety of the riders. Hope it does well.

Anonymous said...

any word on whether the race will still go on even with the forecasted rain and snow?