Jan 6, 2010

Cold and the Phoney War

Cold days in Bloomington means there's not much going on in the bike community. Chill MTBing and trainer riding are pretty much the order of the day for anyone looking to build form for the upcoming racing season. With that in mind the only event on the horizon is the second Marian University Indoor TT on Jan 16th. Register for it here.
Elsewhere the phoney war of information and misinformation has started for Little 500. Many teams are off in (slightly) warmer climes and putting in some miles. However misinformation might be a strategy to psyche-out some of your opponents! Interesting times!
The Cutters are down in FLA. From coach Fowler- '5+ hrs, 20 mile average, about 20 sign sprints. i am toast'. Impressive..if the actual L5 riders participated in the entire ride!
PDT are also in FLA. From Chris West- 'Good times in Trouble Creek, 50 mile total miles today. Felt great during all three race simulations'. Is it too soon for race simulations?
BKB are in AL. From Ren-jay at 9.30am. 'up and at 'em again...breakfast'. Need to get out of bed earlier!


Anonymous said...

I want to see if these guys are going to be twittering between their sets on race day.

RJ said...

Alabama is on Central Time...