Dec 3, 2012

Planning for the Hilly...

Thanks to Carl Field for this one.

I'm sure something will happen in Bloomington of note soon! When does the track open?


Anonymous said...

With the introduction of IUSF Tuesday Night Race Series, IU little 5'ers were given a new opportunity to take to the track during the fall months. While the atmosphere was relaxed, this didn't stop some of the big name teams to demonstrate their strength. In addition to fall series, this helped set the stage for long term race predictions. See below.

Tier 1 (men)

Cutters: 3/1 With two of the most experienced bike racers in the field and a strong showing at the TNRS, it's obvious the Cutters are out for revenge after the 2012 race. Throw in good coaching and the Cutters earn the favorite for the long term odds.

Sig-Ep:4/1 A solid team that seems to have some raw power but not a large amount of race experience. If their social media is reflective of their team dynamic, look for Nick Torrance/Thomas Wimmer/Drew Coelho to show up strong come April.

Beta: 4/1 With 4 returning experienced Little 5'ers, Beta will be on the lead lap assuming they don't crash.Tom Laser took charge of Fall series and William Kragie has strong sprinting skills.

Delts: 5/1 With Rj Stuart gone, will Paul Smith be able to fill his shoes? No doubt Smith is one of Bloomington's best, but is his team as serious as he is this year?

Tier 2

BKB: 10/1 A serious team but do they have what it takes to out sprint the best riders from tier 1?

Sigma Chi: 10/1 The team's been spotted on numerous occasions out on the road training. With the previous years Seniors graduated it will be interesting to see who steps up to lead the team. Will Brian Arfman and Joe Greenlee take charge?

Theta Chi: 12/1 With Turner Duncan and John Becker being incredibly strong but focused on road, it will be hard for Theta Chi to win if they can't find strong teammates to pull the weight.

Delta Upsilon: 13/1 While Austin Venhuizen can climb the hills can he climb on the top step with the rest of his teammates?

Phi Delts: 18/1 Graduation claimed the best of their team but that hasn't stopped them from organizing and training as a team on the road. (spotted frequently) Still one of the largest fraternity teams in terms of number of racers. Can they comeback?

Fiji: 18/1 While the McClary's brothers are strong, it will be tough to compete with only 2 dedicated racers.

Tier 3

The field: 20/1 There is always a good showing from the underdogs. With Curtis Tolson coaching SNU, will they or the other teams break out the cold weather gear and do what it takes to be a top level team?

Your site and predictions blow.

Anonymous said...

Tier 1 (women)

Wing It: 3/2 A strong showing in the fall events + strong teammates and good coaching (Bri Clark, Sarah Frederickson) leaves them the long term favorites. But if it comes down to a sprint again can they compete with tier 1's sprinters (Doogs, Chelminiak, Hutcheson) ?

Theta: 3/1 Kath shocked the spring series events last year but Theta missed out on the big race win. With the return of Kathleen Chelminiak, Rachel Metherd, and Kate McDougal, Theta will be without a doubt one of the top teams to watch.

Teter: 3/1 Emma Caughlin and Lisa Hutcheson have consistently shown their strength on the track. Riders like Ashton DeHahn vs. Kate McDougal vs. Carly Dean (Wing it) might be the factor to who has the stronger team.

Delta Gamma: 5/1 After winning the race last year, it will be hard to slip under the radar like 2012. Will DG be training for ring # 2 or are they content with last year? They were spotted riding out in the pouring rain more than once this fall.

Tier 2

Alpha Chi Omega 9/1: Kelsey Tharnstrom is powerful on the track and with the help of Sara Waters and the rest of the team they could be the DG and slip under the radar for 2013.

Collins: 10/1 A team to look for no doubt. They got 7th last year being an all rookie team. Lusk is doing a great job and the women clearly have a bright outlook for 2013.

Kappa Delta: 11/1 With a particularly strong individual on their team, it will depend on how well KD can rally the troops. A possible top 5 in ITT's for their leader would be a good bet to make come spring.

Cru: 13/1 With a 2nd place in fall series, they could stand a chance to the big name teams with a continued effort through winter. Palmer will have to balance IUCC and Little 5 but a top 5 is very realistic.

Tier 3
The field: 20/1 Will Chio, Kappa, Rainbow, Zeta etc. make the history books and write an underdog story by upsetting the field? The race is won in the off season let's see who puts in the miles.

Anonymous said...

Not going to lie, this is really well thought out and backed up. Brava!

Anonymous said...

According to Cutter logic, delts should be the favorite seeing as they won last year.
However, this counters the number one rule of Cutter logic, which assumes that they are always the favorite.

-thigh tickler

Anonymous said...

I won't even begin to touch on that goose diarrhea shit you are calling the mens rankings . The woman's are more ridiculous than the number of days Harbison goes without showering (estimated average of 8.5, std of 4 slighty right skewed). How does the defending champs get ranked fourth when they return its strongest three riders? Do everyone a favor and quit with your bullshit site and fill your mouth with a nicke and healthy girthy dick.


Anonymous said...

It's strongest 3 riders? Might want to rethink that statement before you go running your mouth

Anonymous said...

Welp, safe to say that is NOT a velominati post with that kind of post.

Anonymous said...

"It is strongest 3 riders?"

Nice grammar moron. DTD blows and their coach is a weirdo.