Jan 25, 2009

Further Underground

At 9am Weather.com stated it was 10F in Southern IN. That gave this author some pause about rolling out for the latest edition of the Bloomington Underground Cross series. However after the calm realisation that the other option was a ride on the trainer I rugged up and was off to Soma to meet the gang.

The 'gang' was severely reduced as just 7 hardy souls rocked up to the secret start place at 10am (at a balmy 14F). Race distance was reduced to 30minutes and the riders took off as if riding away from Jack Frost himself!

The first lap was a battle between Polish superstar Tomos, Bike-shop wrencher Adam (pictured in warmer conditions) and local legend Mike (showing a disturbing amount of skin) and the three stayed pretty much together as the feeling out process proceeded.

However as the race continued Tomos's ability to fully ride the gravel-traps on his MTB was the deciding factor and he inexorably pulled away during the race to take the win! Adam was kept honest throughout by Mike but repelled his advances to come in for 2nd. The author trailed in behind our excellent organiser Jim but was unlapped which was his only significant aim for the day! Angela and Meredith also toughed out the brutal conditions, putting the remaining male biking population of Bloomington to shame in the process!

Next race- Feb 8th, lets hope for warmer conditions!
Photo credit Jerry Jakucyk

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