Jun 24, 2014

Stolen Little 500 bike?

I live in Columbus, IN and bought a Little 500 bike from a less than reputable character in hopes of finding its owner and/or at least saving it from being dumped in the river, etc. Could you post a short note asking anyone to contact me with its detailed description? It is OK to post my email address. I've had a bike stolen and know how much its sucks. I would love to reunite it with its rider. Thanks, Joe Morley joemmorley@gmail.com

Oct 21, 2013

New Womens Little 500 Team

'Ski' women's cycling team from the IU Ski and Snowboard Club is looking for a coach. We have a group of dedicated rookie girls interested in competitive riding for this year's race. If you are interested, please email snowski@indiana.edu"

Aug 22, 2013

Fantasy Vuelta


Try try try again to beat this guy (thumbs pointed at me).

League Name: BVN Vuelta 2013 
League Code: 22195324 

Aug 13, 2013

MMSF TT 08.13.2013

We had a small turnout at the TT tonight despite the beautiful weather.  After claiming the course record last time around by 1 second, Jonathan Jacob smashed his own course record with a blistering 20:20.  Sarah Sanders was the lone rider in the women's division, but had a solid time of 24:58.  Meanwhile, my lack of riding this summer was evident with a lackluster 25:03 to bring up the rear.  Big "Thank You!" to Lindsey Bruick for timing and congratulations Jon for the course record!  Perhaps we'll see a sub-20 TT one of these days??  Full results below...

Full Results:

Place Name Category Time Average Speed
1 Jonathan Jacob TT 20:20 29.5*
2 Ryan Shanahan TT 21:35 27.8
3 Shave Slaven TT 23:36 25.4
4 Mark Powell Merckx 24:07 24.9
5 Blayne TT 24:38 24.4
6 Sarah Sanders TT 24:58 24.0
7 Ren-Jay Shei TT 25:03 24.0

*course record

Jun 24, 2013

VeloGames BVN TdF

Velogames Tour de France Game. You can try but I will win.

Name: BVN TdF 
League Code: 24192048

Jun 5, 2013

MMSF TT #3 June 4th 2013 Results

Another good turnout at the MMSF TT for the third one of the year.  21 riders partook with Adam Rodkey taking the win with a 22:25 - just one second off of his PR!  Top female was Sarah Sanders, with Tomasz Golas and Lindsay Koren taking the top men's/women's Merckx spots.  Thanks to Carl Field once again for timing - it is a thankless task and we are fortunate to have such great volunteers!  Full results below:

Full Results

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Adam Rodkey 22.25 26.77 TT
2 Jonathan Atwell 22.27 26.73 TT
3 Spencer Brauchla 24.13 24.78 TT
4 Cameron Johns 24.14 24.76 TT
5 Shane Slaven 24.22 24.62 TT
6 Tomasz Golas 24.29 24.51 Merckx
7 Rob Lee 24.30 24.49 TT
8 Erik Paavola 24.31 24.47 Merckx
9 James Rosati 24.56 24.06 Merckx
10 Sarah Sanders 24.59 24.02 TT
11 Brendan Wise 25.11 23.83 Merckx
12 Toby Kemp 25.47 23.27 Merckx
13 Jeff Buchsbaum 26.01 23.06 TT
14 Dave Harstad 26.24 22.73 TT
15 Andy Luettgen 26.40 22.50 Merckx
16 Todd Davidson 28.18 21.20 Merckx
17 Daniel Perrino 28.24 21.13 Merckx
18 Lindsay Koren 28.55 20.75 Merckx
19 Jason Urbanski 29.19 20.47 Merckx
20 Brad Shannon 29.40 20.22 TT
21 Eduardo Vidaurri 30.48 19.48 Merckx

Collins Buccaneers, Little 500 Team seeking coach

The Collins Buccaneers are looking for a coach. The team raced in 2013, having qualified 21stand placed 29th. We are looking to improve and build upon our accomplishments. On the team are five returning riders, and a handful of rookies, we are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of undergraduate cyclists.

 David Noland, captain, dnoland@indiana.edu

May 13, 2013

TT Off-Week Group Ride

Hey All-

Since there is no official MMSF TT this week, I would like to get a group together for a group ride tomorrow for whoever is interested.  Plan is to meet at Sample Gates at 11:45am and ride out steady to the Forest, where we will split up into 3- or 4-man teams.  We'll do the 10-mile TT twice as teams, with a short easy spin in between, then we'll re-group at the finish and roll through the Forest and down Bean Blossom to Anderson to top it all off (sprint line on Anderson).  We'll re-group after the sprint and roll home easy together.

I'd like to make this a bi-weekly thing on the "off" Tuesdays between TT's (with varying workouts/routes of course) - I know the time isn't ideal this week (I have to be back for a workshop at 4pm, that's why it's early this week), but in the future we'll try to schedule in the late afternoon/evening to accommodate more schedules.

Anyone is welcome, and please pass on the word to anyone you think would be interested!  Also, if you'd like to come and can't make it at 11:45am, post in the comments and maybe you all can get an evening crew together to leave at 5 or 6pm!


Well, since there's no MMSF Individual Time Trial this week, we might as well work on some TTTing, right?!?!?! Check out this #ThrowbackIUCC

May 7, 2013

MMSF TT #1 Results 05.07.2013

We had a great turnout tonight for the first MMSF TT of the year.  No surprises on both the Men's and Women's side with Ryan Shanahan and Sarah Sanders taking the top spots with times of 21.46 and 25.30, respectively.  Top Merckx (not aero/TT equipment) time came from James Calvetti with a 24.55, closely followed by Jordan Bailey and Jimmy Rosati with times of 24.57 and 24.58, respectively.  On the Women's side Maddie Hayford took the top Merckx time with a 29.05.  Big thank you to our great timing team of  Carl Field and Tom Saccone!  Great job to everyone who came out and we hope to see you all again in two weeks!  Full results below:

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Ryan Shanahan 21.46 27.57 TT
2 Ren-Jay Shei 24.06 24.90 TT
3 Cameron Johns 24.13 24.78 TT
4 Spencer Brauchla 24.33 24.44 TT
5 James Calvetti 24.55 24.08 Merckx
6 Jordan Bailey 24.57 24.05 Merckx
7 James Rosati 24.58 24.03 Merckx
8 Alex Jerden 25.11 23.83 Merckx
9 Aaron Prange 25.13 23.79 Merckx
10 Lyle Feigenbaum 25.15 23.76 TT
11 Jay Polsgrove 25.21 23.67 Merckx
12 Devin O'Leary 25.25 23.61 Merckx
13 Sarah Sanders 25.30 23.53 TT
14 Jacob Miller 25.33 23.48 Merckx
15 Brett Frommer 26.10 22.93 Merckx
16 Daniel Perrino 26.55 22.29 Merckx
17 Austin Venhuizen 27.14 22.03 Merckx
18 Zach Osterman 28.51 20.80 Merckx
19 Maddie Hayford 29.05 20.63 Merckx
20 Jeni Gillenwater 30.00 20.00 Merckx
21 Matt Chattier 31.11 19.24 Merckx
22 Adam Buck DNF - Merckx

MMSF TT #1 Tonight 05.07.2013

Come one, come all! Join us tonight (Tuesday, May 7th) at 7:00pm in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest for the first time trial of the season! See what you can do on this 10-mile out-and-back course featuring several rolling hills and a blazing fast finish!  First rider goes off at 7:00pm with subsequent riders going off at 30-second intervals.  Come set a benchmark for the season and you'll have a goal to beat for the rest of the year!  If you're riding out and want some company, a small group usually rolls out from behind BGI shortly after 6:00pm.  And if you're looking for motivation...here's the current leader-board of the top 3 performers (read: performers, not top 3 overall times - those would all belong to Mr. Shanahan):

  1. Ryan Shanahan 20:31  (29.24 mph), June 28th, 2011*
  2. Greg Strock 20:57  (28.64 mph), June 14th, 2011
  3. Isaac Neff 20:59  (28.59 mph), April 28th, 2009
* Course Record

Women's Course Record belongs to Sarah Sanders with a 24:48 (24.19 mph), July 17th, 2012